Monday, February 07, 2005

Tell me again why we're doing this???

An article in the New York Times states that "the Bush administration now says the proposal will do nothing to solve Social Security's financial problems."

But it adds that "it may offer workers a better deal." [Emphasis added.]

It may. Also, pigs may fly. With the deficit the way it is, and with the deteriorating global situation likely to make things rocky for a couple generations to come (never let it be suggested that Bush's goals won't be far-reaching in impact), the idea that the fiscal world will be robust enough to create the kind of returns necessary for a "better deal" is so much pie in the sky, or pigs in the sky ...

It just won't work. Liberate Fallujah by leveling it. Fix Social Security by eviscerating it. Why doesn't everyone see the pattern? How much clearer must it be?

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