Thursday, February 17, 2005

End of the Tunnel

This has been an awful winter.

It's been an awful winter on the political level, the financial level, the personal level, and the emotional level. We've spent pretty much all our time and all our energy trying to cope with things we wish we didn't have to cope with.

But as of today, that winter is officially over.

Yeah, yeah, I know what the calendar says. It's still more than a month to go till spring. But that's not what matters.

Here in the wasteland of New England, spring begins on a certain day in mid-February, when pitchers and catchers report to Fort Myers for the opening of the Boston Red Sox Spring Training Camp.

The *WORLD CHAMPION* Boston Red Sox Spring Training Camp.

Sure, it's stupid and superficial and self-delusional to think that makes any real difference -- but we're not talking reality here, we're talking *symbolism.* Indulge me on this, okay?

Spring Training has begun. Opening Day is just a month and a half away.

We survived another winter.

Just barely.

But we survived.

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