Sunday, February 20, 2005

Magnificent Obsession

Sherlock Holmes had Moriarty.

Batman has the Joker.

And the Boston Red Sox have the New York Yankees.

Winning the World Series, to be honest, was an anticlimax for the true hard-core
Sox fan. You don't hear people at the post office or around the water cooler
or  at the lunchroom counter dissecting the victory over the St. Louis
Cardnials last fall -- to be honest, I had to think a bit to even remember
who it was we beat.

No, what really counts is what we had to do to *get* to the World Series.

We beat the Yankees.

No, we *humiliated* the Yankees.

And it felt so *damn* good.

Unless you grew up in New England, as we both did, you can never hope to
understand this.

There was some concern that with the Sox having finally won it all, that
baseball this year would end up a ho-hum experience. But as they're reporting
at the Boston Dirt Dogs website,
home page for Sox Nation, there isn't much chance of that. We aren't even
a week into spring training and already there's a juicy Yankees-related scandal

Is it any wonder I can't wait for Opening Day?

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