Sunday, January 30, 2005

Swimming in Circles...

... or, what happens when pop culture run amok meets the degrees of separation mind-set.

The Poseidon Adventure, that terrific time-capsule flick from 1972 from perpetually pessimistic producer Irwin Allen, featured Shelley Winters in a prominent role. Many years later, she would have a much smaller role in the solemn adaptation of Portrait of a Lady, directed by Jane Campion and starring the excellent Nicole Kidman and John Malkovich. Alas, Ms. Winters and Ms. Campion did not enjoy the happiest of collaborations. Subsequent to making this movie (surely not a coincidence!) all Jane's marbles apparently rolled away, lost. So she made Holy Smoke! with the awesomely talented Kate Winslet, who herself made a big boat picture. I forget the name.

Paging Christopher Cross.

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