Sunday, January 30, 2005

Straight Eye for the Queer Guys

Buried in the Washington Post's Fashion & Beauty section is an article by Robin Givhan about how Dick Cheney managed to disgrace the United States at the recent ceremony to commemorate the liberation at Auschwitz.

that happening dude

Message to Sick -- I mean Dick:

Love the way you fit in there, Dick -- good job. The solemnity of the occasion is raised to a whole new level with your thoughtful choices. The ski cap and the faux-fur trimmed parka add just the right touch. (I don't care what Mr. Blackwell has to say!) You look like a man with a message -- someone burning with the desire for freedom to be made over by a few fellas who really know their fashion.

Or at least like somebody that was expecting something really cool like a football game with maybe some beer or something, instead of some boring thing that went on & on and it was outside in the cold already! Geez, can't a guy catch a break?!

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