Sunday, January 29, 2006

Jerry Stahl knows a thing or two

In this piece for LA Weekly, he writes about James Frey.

(Jerry Stahl is my all-time favorite CSI scenarist. He writes the most twisted episodes the series can boast, bless his heart.)

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Anonymous said...

Don't you think that embellishment and fabrication are different beasts? (Frey/Leroy/Bush) You're saying that because we live in a culture of lies and that one lie bequeaths another, because it all comes off the top-like from GW, that it's somehow okay- That's bullshit! But I'll let you off the hook, only because 1. I saw you today on my walk, 2. The fact that Oprah smells minty and admitted to loving crack during a commercial break, which only makes me love her more, 3. You had me rolling on the floor as usual, and finally 4. I was once your bartender at the now defunct Cocala downtown back in the day when your arms were so holey, it looked like you had a Severe case of pox! and finally 5. If you agree to continue this conversation while rolling around naked with me, I'll let you off the hook.