Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Yankees Better Not Try Something Like This

A rugby team during a match in New Zealand was helped along by a PA announcement that the Pope had died in a car accident, throwing off a player so badly that he missed a penalty kick.

This is what comes of a country whose population hangs onto the world upside down, by their fingernails ...

(er .. don't they?)

It was every Catholic's worst nightmare – and a hardy Wairarapa footy player's: the Pope's death announced as the kicker prepared his run-up in the last minutes of a semifinal.

The ground announcer's quip in the Wairarapa-Bush club rugby semifinal might have helped cost Marist a place in the final.

Marist's Paddy Rimene was lining up a penalty kick in front of the posts – aiming to give Marist a victory over Gladstone. The score was 10-10.

Moments before his run-up, a voice over the loudspeaker declared the Pope had died in a car accident. As Rimene's kick bounced off the post, the loudspeaker announced the Pope was in fact fine and the accident was only a fender bender.

Gladstone won 13-10, with a penalty conversion in extra time.

Mr Rimene – who usually nails his kicks – admitted being "really annoyed" by the comments.

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