Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Support the Troops

Last week, Donald Rumsfield kicked off the "America Supports You" campaign, unveiling the latest strategy for support of stressed-out, overworked US troops sadly depleted in armor and other provisions.

“This is about supporting the troops who are supporting our country all across the world,” Rumsfeld said. “I present to you – Spiderman!”

Talk about non-sequiturs.

Spiderman did have a snappy, if ill-advised, new salute for the troops:

Sieg Donnie!

So how is the US government showing their support of the troops?

Well, there was a vote in the senate a few days ago where an additional 213 million dollars was set aside for the manufacture of (properly) armored humvees. The vote breakdown was 61 yeas, 39 nays. The 39 nays were 1 democrat and 38 republicans. (Including, I'm ashamed to say, both senators from New Hampshire. And, oh yeah, presidential hopeful Bill Frist, kitty-killer kompassionate konservative.)

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