Wednesday, November 08, 2006

As NH Goes, So Goes the Nation

In 2004, New Hampshire was the only state to change its color from red to blue in the presidential election. Of course, NH is a small state in terms of both size and population, but we've been a political bellwether since before the United States existed. I'm delighted to say that my personal disenfranchisement, categorized by having Jeb Bradley be my "representative" officially came to an end last night, with Bradley's defeat at the hands of Carol Porter-Shea.

Given what happened in yesterday's elections here in New Hampshire, I would say notice has been served: we are a state of stubborn, traditional moderates to conservatives; very few of us would call ourselves liberal. We're also mad as hell and fed up with the infantile pabulum being fed us by the current Republican regime.

I can only hope that my state's senators, neither of whom was up for re-election yesterday, will take the notice that has been served them.

Monday, November 06, 2006


Shameless dirty tricks from the Republicans.


I hope New Hampshire voters turn out & vote Democrat tomorrow. I know I shall be doing so.